I locked the door to the third floor so I could shower in peace. Or relative peace. Instead of trying to shower with someone’s head peeping around the steam covered glass doors, I showered, scrubbing shampoo into my scalp in time with the relentless beating of fists to that locked door.

I thought to myself remember when you used to come home from class, get in your yellow dodge neon and go to the bookstore and write… for like.. five hours? Wasn’t that awesome? Your brain was so useful then. And when your hand cramped from writing, or your laptop battery ran out.. you came home, and read. Until you felt like stopping. That was the life.

I started this blog, and maintained it in fits and starts while in the very real trenches of motherhood. And now suddenly, I feel slack in the reigns. My children, still young enough to harry me forward, or make me feel the bridle and harness of parenting on a daily (okay, hourly) basis, have suddenly become people who can get themselves out of bed, dressed, and fed. Quite recently, I find myself with a little bit of time to ponder the possibility of re-starting this blog.

So after I conditioned my hair, and soothed a tantruming Wildling, I came here. We are at the stage of Neglect in this project that I wouldn’t blame this site if it turned its back on me and said some choice words of the four lettered variety. But I’m going to try again.

I’ve done all the tech-y things that I can think of, including linking my goodreads profile, my instagram, and my blog facebook page (all on the right hand sidebar). My vision is: photos, book reviews, maybe some dabbling in personal writing. We’ll see. I’m on unsteady legs, my confidence is shaky. I’m an over share-er, a documenter, and I want this to work.

Wish me luck.


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