The faces of the week

At one point during this week all the Wildlings were:



and as such it made me feel:

But at some point, as it normally does, it went wrong.

And everyone got all:

(She has a fever! At an amusement park! What kind of bullshit is this?)

and also:

(That’s the faces of misery, in case you were unaware)

And while I don’t have a photo of Wildling #3 being miserable, trust me, he was. Wildling #3 thinks the camera is his personal photog, he has the mindset of a Kardashian (which is, look pretty when it flashes, always smile, think of nothing but boobs)

Which lead me to feel more like this:

and eventually this:

This is the photo where I beg for it to be Friday at 5pm, and then remember I am a PARENT and no such thing exists anymore!

Things that happened this week for which I give credit to the above post:

  • Wildling #2 spiked a ridiculous fever at an amusement park
  • She had strep throat
  • Wildling #1 had swimmers ear and complained for four straight days (without taking a breath) that he was mad at his ears (and me, I guess) because he couldn’t dunk under the water at camp.
  • Wildling #3 played ‘tricked ya’ with night time sleep.
  • I started week #2 of Jenny Craig. (I haven’t killed anyone yet, so that’s a positive, right?)

If you want something deeper than this: you might look here:

Another puddle.

Yes. That’s a puddle of water.

But tomorrow is Fuck It Friday! And I’m going to buy myself a gift to really drive home how much I am over this week. Stay tuned. (Don’t you want to know what I’m buying myself?)


4 thoughts on “The faces of the week

  1. I gasped a little at the faces of misery because sometimes you photograph them and they look so grown up that I cannot believe how much time has passed. Also, you take some of my favorite selfies on the internet.

    Sorry I have been MIA; I’m trying to do better at that. Maybe this time it’ll stick?

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