My daughters questionable art

Marilyn loves crafts. She loves art.

I used to have a coat closet on the main floor of my home. Now Marilyn has an art closet. I used to have a love seat in the basement, now Marilyn has a desk complete with a built-in pencil sharpener and a drawer stuffed with supplies.

I used to go to Michael’s/AC Moore/JoAnn Fabrics and peruse the store just brimming with creativty. Now I go to the store and come out with this:

So no. That’s not my picture, my house or my stuff. It’s actually borrowed from ( but you get the point, right?

It’s a lot of stuff. I gave her my damn coat closet! She happens to be pretty talented, for four. She can color in the lines, she’s very creative, look!

Here she is sporting a Rainbow Headband, tied together on each side by Rainbow Clouds.
She is also showing off a beaded necklace (beaded on a pipecleaner no less, trendy and resourceful) as well as two rainbow loomed bracelets.

Here she is carefully stenciling.

Here she is show casing a gorgeous suitcase she painted for Joe’s birthday this past month.

My point is, the girl knows her art supplies and her way around them. So why, why, why did she bring this home from camp?

I mean correct me if I’m wrong but that is a name tag in the shape of a penis right? Which if you’ve read anything about Marilyn, you know for a while, was one of her absolute favorite words and she could name you lots of other words to call it too. (Weiner, Peen, Pee Pee, Private part, willie, ween, so on and so forth) She is just charming right?

*Ed note: She claims that it was supposed to be a dog bone but she got scissor-happy and cut off one of the ends. I am not sure that I’m buying it.


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