Fuck it Friday – August 2

Hi internet creeps! Guess what? It’s Friday again!

We’ve had a fun week around here, talking about how kids keep friends (http://wordsfortrade.com/2013/07/28/a-childs-guide-to-friend-keeping/), asking whether or not Grandpa is dead (http://wordsfortrade.com/2013/07/31/is-grandpa-dead/) and compiling a titillating list of things that annoy my kids (http://wordsfortrade.com/2013/08/01/things-that-annoy-my-kids-a-list-for-your-pleasure/).

But enough of that right? Because it’s Friday. And that means it’s time to throw our hands in the air, wave them like we just don’t care and say Fuck It.

Deadline at work? Fuck it.
Kids want dinner? Fuck it.
You weren’t allowed five minutes of peace yesterday (so no shower) and therefore you are starting to smell a tad bit ripe? That’s right, Fuh-uck-iiiiiit. (That’s what perfume was invented for!)

Today’s Friday Fuck it is brought to you by the following things.

These fish tank lightbulbs I bought at Petco two days ago. Neither of them work.

This laundry. And the thirty five loads not pictured. (This is so much bullshit.)

This pillow. Which was white prior to me putting it in the dryer. Because the dryer tried to set it on fire. (Please don’t tell my husband, he’ll revoke my laundress title the way he doesn’t allow me to cook…. on second though… someone link him to this blog. I’ll be eating bon bons.)

And this garbage and recycling that both my husband and my eldest son promised they would do (yesterday).

Lessons Learned?
Petco Sucks, Endless laundry is probably a view of what hell looks like and men and boys alike are liars.

Don’t forget to comment with your special Fuck It Friday addition!


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