Bitchin’ Books- a fight against the brain melt.

If you haven’t been here for long then maybe you don’t know that I have three children Wildlings. Sam-7, Marilyn-4 and Judah-7 months. If you don’t have your own Wildlings, work in a child-geared job/career or step inside any kind of box store (think grocery, Target) with regularity then maybe you don’t know that children cause Brain Rot. But they do. *

Brain Rot is a pretty severe diagnosis and often onset is subtle. You might not even realize you’ve become a statistic of significant damage until one day you are driving in your minivan having dropped your cannibals sweet angels off at day camp, you’re halfway into the 30 minute drive home when it occurs to you. You are still listening to their DVD play despite being the only person in the car.

You, my friend, are in the moderate stages of Brain Rot. Get help quickly. Stage an intervention for yourself, schedule a night out, buy an outfit that makes you look like a spring-breaker, drink a glass of wine before 5pm, forget to pick your kids up from camp. Do something dangerous.

If you sit back right now and realize you have neither showered nor peed alone in the last two months, that you don’t remember what hot coffee tastes like, or what the adult world is doing after 830pm then you, sorry sucker that you are, like me, are in the advanced stages of Brain Rot.

In an attempt to reverse the systematic degradation of my brain cells I decided to start reading books. (Shock and Horror! All those big words! Could I even manage?)

To give myself a quick boost of both

  • Do something dangerous AND
  • Read books

I decided to start with a book that had the word FUCK in the title (which; BONUS! I have a seven year old who can read so all book time also resulted in Leave Mommy Alone time!)

I’m cheap also. (I know, I sound like a real winner, invitations to dinner and proposals for marriage can be left with my husband.) So most of my books come from the free Kindle section or my Free Books app. ( is a favorite).

So- I read this book.

Andersen Prunty has a decent selection of books, none of which I’d ever heard of, and all of which are quietly waiting on my queue now. He is a bizarre guy, with weirder story lines, and I love them. Sometimes depressing and often a little haunting, but you’re never going to guess the endings and I promise, you’ll feel a lot better about your own life after reading about his characters.

Here’s a little bit about Fuckness

The narrator gets beat up after trading a green sucker for a guilty feel at the popular girl’s crotch, when he goes home the abuse continues. His alcoholic mother and angry gimp of a father become so enraged at his continued failure of the 8th grade that they make him wear a pair of horns. He has no idea where they have come from, but they’ve always been in the house, and they bestow a power nobody anticipated.

How could this be a bad book?

Test it out for yourself and fight the good fight against Brain Rot!

*It should be noted that Children are not the only cause of Brain Rot. Unhappy jobs, trafficky commutes, hateful in laws and long lines at public restrooms are just a few of the Brain Rots favorite ways for getting a hold of your precious grey matter.

Viva La Brain Cells!


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